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Thursday, March 8, 2012

United States: Racism is 2012

I came across this article today in AlterNet, a news aggregate about Tanya McDowell, a homeless single mother, who was prosecuted for grand larceny, in connection with sending her 5 year old son to kindergarten at a school that was in a better district than she was entitled to.

Ms.McDowell was floating between a homeless shelter, a friend's home and her vehicle when she registered her son using her friend's home address.  This school district in Norwalk Connecticut, had twenty five similar cases but decided to press charges for the first time against Ms. McDowell, apparently thinking that an impoverished, homeless single-mother, who happened to be Black would be easily prosecuted.

Clearly, Ms.McDowell was under an unlucky star.  Shortly before her court case was to be held she was arrested  and charged with selling drugs, public support for her dwindled and she accepted a plea bargain of a 12 year sentence, with 5 years on parole.  The penalties for the charges against her were so overwhelming that she took the plea deal, hoping to only have to spend the minimum of five years away from her son.  Her son is staying with his grandfather.

Once a person is charged with a crime her whole world is changed.  Nobody seems to recall the presumption of innocence, the prosecution refused to sever the drug charges from the grand larceny charges.  Women are the fastest growing prison population.  Those who have never been arrested are shocked and dismayed by how they are treated.  First, everything you say is considered a lie.  The police put on this facade that they know everything there is to know and what they know is that you are guilty and you deserve many long years in prison.

The process is unlike anything you've ever seen on teevee. The police will use excessive force, lie to you, refuse to apply Miranda Rights.  Then you are subject to the frisk.  You will stand naked, you will bend over, if you are a woman with heavy breasts you will be required to lift them for inspection.  You have to shake your hair out, put your tongue out,  stand on one foot so they can see between your toes.  There may be rude commentary at every step of this outrage.  They take your clothes, if they let you keep your shoes they want the laces.  Then they turn you loose into a strange world of locks and cages; strangers that bark at you with fear aggression, the mentally ill, old, young and powerless, just like you.

When people, the talking heads on cable news channels and other pundits declare that racism is dead in America and point to the election of Barak Obama as their proof, don't you believe that for a nanosecond.  Racism is alive and well in America, just ask Tanya McDowell, in her Connecticut prison cell.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It was a very good song

When I was 17, I had a really great smile
all of my teeth were white & none of them foul
ruby red lips  to drive the men wild
My breath was cherry sweet tart cause I's an underage child
Til i was thirty five.

But now the days grow short, I'm in a desert full of years
My teeth a memory, of dental pain and fears
One by one they were pulled in a bayou of tears
Now I've nothing but gums and gallons of wine
Cause Now I'm fifty nine

My eyes have grown dim, with cataract clouds
hand me my cane, you don't have to yell, I know I'm too loud
I'd put in my plate and cook my food long
couldn't eat nothin raw, cause life's a very sad song
Sit on my couch waiting, my only friend is the bong,
It was a very sad song

Of course you realize this is a riff on "A very Good Year."  My favorite version was by Chicago's own, the late great, Mr. Lou Rawls. 

Mr. Lou Rawls, introduced me to rap back in the early 60's.  With his talk of the Windy City, the Hawk, the Eagle flies on Friday, the process (the patent leather stylin process) the player and the game.

There are many fine versions of this song, Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra immediately come to mind.  Think I'll saunter over to UTube and see who else cut a cover, maybe Sam Cooke, Otis Redding or Dinah Washington.

I'll bring back a link or an embed.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Attacks on Al Aqsa Escalate

Synchronized attacks on the sacred Muslim Mosque, Al Aqsa, continue to intensify.
From the 2nd Intifada, to the most recent report of "Settlers" boldly stating their intention to destroy the very symbol and essence of the holy city Jerusalem, is one part of a multipronged attack.

Zionists dearly desire to erase history, think of the coup for their hasbara mongers if they could destroy the Golden Dome. It would be vanished from occupiers' histories and rushed for to Hollywoodize.

Previously the Dome has been purposefully undermined, under the cover of archeology Zionists have weakened it's foundation, as well as the foundations of other homes in the neighborhood.

That neighborhood is Jerusalem, Al Quds, familiar to all people of the Abrahamic religious faiths. Coveted by Romans, crusaders, empires; the people endured occupations and learned survival. I'm only fluent in the R.Catholic version of history.

Being no expert I can't help but think of the outrage when a Jewish Temple is vandalized. Swastika graffitied temples demand headlines. And yet the Dome of the Rock is defiled, infiltrated*,I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot of that buzz word, infiltrated* and I have to read foreign news in US to learn of this intolerant outrage.

I demand outrage. I demand an end to this bullying criminal activity. Just because the Zionist government passes laws to steal land and to destroy property and demolish historical, functional heirlooms you can call it legal. But you can never call it just or moral.

The crimes of this occupation, too many to list.

What looks like whim or mal-logic is policy. All policy aims to 'transfer' Palestinians out of their home and their land, to dominate more land.

Handwriting on the wall says they have not stopped at anything thus far. Convoluted laws, double tiered laws, separation monstrosity, all aim to deliberately separate families, people are easier to dominate when they have no family support.

I do not want to see the destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque. I especially do not want the 'reporters' to self-censor themselves until the deed is accomplished..this is an evil that cannot be undone so do not allow the conspiracy success.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New info on the USS Liberty

From: "Alison Weir, CNI"
Reply-To: contact@cnionline.org
Subject: USS Liberty - new finding
The June 1967 Israeli attack on USA's USS Liberty has still not been thoroughly investigated by the United States government's Congress or Senate.

In June of 1967 Israel aggressed against Egypt along with France and Britain. This group wanted dominance over the Suez Canal.

So on a bright clear sunny June day Israeli war planes with their star of David logo's partially concealed, they bombed the Liberty even though it was flying a large, visible American flag.

All these years later the Israeli government still maintains it was a case of mistaken identity. I believe the Israeli government issued an apology and $2,000,000 for the survivors. hoping the 'issue' would just go away.

We have recently become aware of the USA submarine, "Amberjack" was in the area on the day of the assault and filmed the entire incident. The film was couriered to the USA Department of Defense, that is the last of what we know about the film, was it destroyed or is it sitting gathering dust in some Pentagon storeroom?

The cruel bombing & strafing from the air, missiles from the sea by Israeli Navy (even to the shredding of the lifeboats by strafing) and the jamming of radio signals show that no effort was spared to sink the USS Liberty.

There are still living survivors of this savage attack. People are still fearful of talking after 44 years, I'd like to know why. I'd like to know why Lyndon B. Johnson forced our air force to turn back from assisting the Liberty. Was this a false flag to drag USA into war against Egypt and was our government complicit?

I'd really like to know what happened to that film and definitely want to know why Israel never seems to have consequences to their vulgar, obscene violence.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Rape of Palestine 11-11-10

Words are powerful; what do you think the Zionists are doing when they bray over & over about Judea & Samaria? By changing the name of the West Bank, the zionists are tying it to the Old Testament plus repetition of a catch phrase or word is brainwashing 101A.

The formula is simple, all things Gentile are suspect, Islam is an especial enemy of the non-Gentile. The nonGentiles are superior according to the racist zionist religion.

Jews use shunning as punishment. We've seen this in the harangues by rabbis in Israel that Israelis are forbidden to rent or lease land to Gentiles. People who rent to nonjewish university students are threatened (even holocaust survivors). They are threatened with property destruction and murder. Jewish women are warned not to see Palestinian men (while the man involved may be killed.)
We've heard about the 'King's Torah',which lists approval for killing nonjews. There are numerous UTube videos that make non-gentiles look like foaming, rabid dogs.

Humans are social beings for the most part and avoid behavior that is isolating or likely to cause incarceration. The torture of endless solitary confinement and the racist laws which are practiced in Israel causes the imprisonment of folks w/o charge for lengthy, unspecified amounts of time and are cruel and inhumane. Have you noticed how isolated and disdained the pariah State of the Israel has become?

Israeli, Jewish Children encouraged to offend their Arab brothers & sisters, throwing stones, threatening violence, assaulting elderly women and men. When it goes too far & their victim is hurt or killed, so what? They're only goy,(a synonym for cattle) lower than a donkey, that's what a multitude of Israeli rabbis say, it is OK to kill goy, because goys are not quite human.(shh don't tell 'em)which is why I refuse to use this noxious, racist term. Don't you dare call me a goyim or shiksa, sharmuta or vermin. Those labels are more likely to describe the speaker, not the listener.

Next we get the Rabbis wives, warning Jewish women to avoid nonJewish men, because the 'goy' DNA is flawed, unlike the DNA of the chosen, you'll get a child that is wicked and flawed.

A light goes on in the limbic area, ancient flickering memories, zionists, you are angry at me. Palestina can never be yours. What you've had of her you've forced, you humiliated this holiest of land to line your pockets and to eventually plunder all of the Middle East and onward.
Constant destruction and chaos as the only permanent features of the failed zionist project. The colonists show no love of the land and its' historical richness; except for when it 'proves' a Hebrew presence in the Levant.

The zionists have not been an example of neighborliness. The colonizers came with weapons and plans to steal land and crush & exile the true inhabitants of over seven centuries. Caretakers of Al Quds, the rest of the peoples of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran do not want aggressive colonizers in their midst.

The world's 4th largest army would have us believe that they're afraid of lightly armed freedom fighters? Anyone remember the hundred to one ratio of the '08-'09 massacre, in which 4 of the 13 dead Israelis were by 'friendly fire'?

That early zionist thinker's famous quote (paraphrasing here) "I've met the Bride.
She is beautiful. Unfortunately she is happily married."

That did nothing to change the colonists' plans, only instead of marrying the beautiful land they came to conquer, pillage, rape and murder. The policies haven't changed; they have ratcheted up the ethnic cleansing and rabbis are now enciting by calling for extermination camps for 'terrorists' and have budgeted money for a facility in the desert for 'nonjewish immigrants.

The USA is responsible for the zionist golem. The world must have immediate plans to disarm the zionist golem called Israel, dismantle the government apparatuses and find a place in the world that is not thick with people with thousands of years of tradition, someplace like Texas or Montana where there is room. Perhaps there is a place that would invite the skittish Jews? I've read of a place in Russia that was ceded to the Jews, Birobidjan. Those waves of Russian immigrants would have had a much shorter trip.

My prayer for peace includes the mantra of 'mind your own business USA'. We need to get our own house in order. Start with bringing the troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the hundreds of other military bases all need shut down. Out of Libya post haste and Sudan.

Disband the military.
Discipline Israel.
Take care of USA citizens before giving money to anyone else in the world.

That's all I, and many others just like me, want. Please? Thank you.

Paranoid or R my comments censored on ICH?

I've noticed quite a bit of 'your comment is awaiting moderation', and when I check back my post is gone.

This week I want to talk about censorship, self-censorship, the publication of Israel's starvation diet plan (which had no mentions according to a lexisNexis search)except for two Palestinian local newspapers.

Thanksgiving was great, and I have lots of catching up to do.

Information Clearing House was a dream come true when I first found it. First they changed the comments to a less desirable system, then they went all out & you could chat & blog, but there were some financial shenanigans with people Tom Feeley was involved with.

And now, you never know what the censors will block, I suppose it is time to bid farewell to ICH.

Dangerous Creation by David Grayling has become an unreadable blog. All must worship DavidG or deal with his sarcastic wrath. He's off my list too, how much America bashing can a Pittsburgh native take?

WikiLeaks ~ Who Benefits?

Wikileaks has made their largest information dump to date and the reactions from the mainstream media are troubling. From what I've seen of the diplomatic cables, their release is decidedly underwhelming.

Some government officials have called for the arrest of Julian Assange on charges of treason. Is that not ridiculous? Could an Australian releasing USA secrets even qualify for treason? Wouldn't the secrets have to have been Australian?

Some few US officials have called for imprisoning Assange to Guantanemo or even killing him. The folks ruling my country seem to have no Democratic principles.

All in All the media are reporting that the leaks are good for Israel, especially Israeli media.
Israel has been pushing for an illegal war of aggression against Iran since the GWBush administration. I'd like to be able to write with assurance that our Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama would never initiate a preemptive war on another batch of phony Israeli intelligence.

My conclusion is that Julian Assange is a whistleblower who believes in transparency in government. I think his philosophy could be "Let the chips fall where they may".

I'm l00% in favor of transparency. The USA government wants to know everything about me and I believe in reciprocity.

The way this info dump is handled by the USA government may show how far down the road to a police state we have ventured.