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Monday, March 29, 2010

My health care dilemma

At the end of October I was supposed to mail in my social security paperwork to prove I was still disabled. I quit going to doctors for maybe 4 years but beginning in 2008 I sporadically made appointments & was in process of trying to get back into a mental health therapy routine.

Unfortuately, my doctor at Western Psych acted as if I disgusted him; so I quit going.

I started at Mercy Behavioral, but time was not on my side. I had a psychiatric appointment in mid February, but missed it. The next available appointment comes on April 28th.

I have 33 months to go before I reach the magic age of 65 ~ which by the way Obama administration is talking might be raised to 68 with no medical safety net.

In the meantime, I'm growing cataracts, am on 55 mgs. of methadone (which costs $100 per week w/o health care), have neuropathy, rhuematic & osteo arthritis + major chronic depression.

The anxiety is eating me alive.