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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Julian Assange

Wikileaks, who knows what to make of it? First the revelations, for the most part, were known by anyone who follows the shenanigans of empire. USAn's in politics and media agreed Julian Assange is a traitor. Some Americans have called for his assassination, crudely and nakedly open calls that whoever killed him would be an American patriot.

Then came the Middle East perspective, Wikileaks showed the raw, naked face of EMpire, deeply damaging to America's tattered reputation after Guantanemo and Abu Ghraib. The cables seemed to omit any negativity towards Israel. Conspiracy theorists (and I am one) immediately jumped to the conclusion this was some kind of Mossad Hasbara operation, at least I did.

Then Julian Assange continued to be persecuted, first he was arrested in England, if memory serves, and he's had horrible tabloid style press, regarding the seemingly bogus rapes charges. He's clearly being threatened, he's terrified if he goes to Sweden to face the charges the Swedes will turn him over to the USA and he'll end up in Cuba indefinately.

With ongoing revolutions, peaceful in Egypt, I'm not sure about Jordan or elsewhe Hezbullah leading the Lebonese government, the Empire and Zionist are quaking, the revolution is contageous.....could it even come here?