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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Attacks on Al Aqsa Escalate

Synchronized attacks on the sacred Muslim Mosque, Al Aqsa, continue to intensify.
From the 2nd Intifada, to the most recent report of "Settlers" boldly stating their intention to destroy the very symbol and essence of the holy city Jerusalem, is one part of a multipronged attack.

Zionists dearly desire to erase history, think of the coup for their hasbara mongers if they could destroy the Golden Dome. It would be vanished from occupiers' histories and rushed for to Hollywoodize.

Previously the Dome has been purposefully undermined, under the cover of archeology Zionists have weakened it's foundation, as well as the foundations of other homes in the neighborhood.

That neighborhood is Jerusalem, Al Quds, familiar to all people of the Abrahamic religious faiths. Coveted by Romans, crusaders, empires; the people endured occupations and learned survival. I'm only fluent in the R.Catholic version of history.

Being no expert I can't help but think of the outrage when a Jewish Temple is vandalized. Swastika graffitied temples demand headlines. And yet the Dome of the Rock is defiled, infiltrated*,I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot of that buzz word, infiltrated* and I have to read foreign news in US to learn of this intolerant outrage.

I demand outrage. I demand an end to this bullying criminal activity. Just because the Zionist government passes laws to steal land and to destroy property and demolish historical, functional heirlooms you can call it legal. But you can never call it just or moral.

The crimes of this occupation, too many to list.

What looks like whim or mal-logic is policy. All policy aims to 'transfer' Palestinians out of their home and their land, to dominate more land.

Handwriting on the wall says they have not stopped at anything thus far. Convoluted laws, double tiered laws, separation monstrosity, all aim to deliberately separate families, people are easier to dominate when they have no family support.

I do not want to see the destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque. I especially do not want the 'reporters' to self-censor themselves until the deed is accomplished..this is an evil that cannot be undone so do not allow the conspiracy success.