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Saturday, April 10, 2010

BuhBye medical health care coveration

It is Saturday, April 12, 2010; I've been w/o coverage since April Fools' Day. Is that a subtle clue?

The way I see it I have three major problems with this new wrinkle in my saggy 62 year old life. The first is I need $100 per week to stay on methadone. I'm down to 50 mg. but that is still to high to just jump, tho if I were arrested they would cut me cold turkey (eventually anyway--I still have that pregnancy card to play, heheheheheh.

The next problem is right now as I type I can feel an ear infection developing, had mucho experience with ear infections when me & Cedric got together & then I thought I had bugs. Ugh what a revolting development. I cannot afford to go to a doctor, but I can get a list of sliding scale & no pay clinics.

Last but not least I've never bought any insurance except for the mandatory car & home policies. I reall wish I had someone who could hold my hand through this process, I am overwhelmed with fear, with actual terror, I am paralyzed with dread of making wrong moves.