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Sunday, February 27, 2011

USA bows to AIPAC, again

U.S. Vetoes Settlement Freeze
Analysis by Kanya D'Almeida and Jim Lobe

UNITED NATIONS/WASHINGTON, 18 Feb (IPS) - Amid unprecedented political ferment in the Arab world, the United States used its veto Friday to block a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel's continuing annexation of Palestinian territory and calling for a freeze on settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem
The veto, Obama's first since taking office, was not unexpected.

Hope was that Obama would realize he is a lame duck and no matter how much he kowtows to Israel, the zionists are through with him. As usual the United States was the only nation to vote no, the fourteen others on the security council all voted yes to legally bind Israel to stop the creeping annexation of the OPT.

In this February of 2011 the winds of change have been invigorating the people and Egypt, Tunis have toppled their repressive leaders and in Libya it seems that Qadafi will be the next tyrant to get gone. Qadafi has bombed his own people and reports are that over a thousand persons have been murdered by this ruthless despot.

You'd never know the world was in the throes of a world-wide revolution, even in Wisconsin. But the Obama administration strolls along like it is immune to the will of the people.

The USA veto of the UN resolution has done no favors for America or Israel.
America is seen to be a lumbering buffoon, lets call it Blaster, and Israel rides on America's shoulder with nuclear weapons, we'll call him Master.

So where is our Mad Max?
Obama is not for the people, Obama is for his own reelection. Obama's shortsightedness again puts him on the wrong side of history. We are witnesses to the beginning of the end of Empire.

No one will be sad to see us go.