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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Netanyahu Dashes Hopes for Peace

Has the United States of America outsourced the decision making that should be presidentially made to Netanyahu in Israel? It certainly would explain some of the USA's bizarre deference to the zionists.

Israel's leader, Benyamin Netayahu, said today in plain English the idea of a Palestinian State is over. Just as settlers are more accurately referred to as racist colonists, so a Palestinian state is a vague power sharing deal with Isreal holding every trump card but one - the Ace of Spades, the Big Trump ~ the Palestinians have the love of what marxists calls the masses more coommonly called grasss roots today.

there will be no negotiations:
He said there will be no return to '67 borders, no sharing of Old Jerusalem (population majority traditionally Palestinian Muslims and Christians), and another demand that Palestine recognize Palestine(now called Israel by the occupiers)as a land/state/nation of the jewish "peoples". Who is onsidered Jewish is subject to change due to racism.

The Palestinian "colonyette", not permitted to be armed so still at the mercy & whim of the Conquering Vandals. The zionists have not And the zionists are vandals in every part of the definition, except ethnicity.

And this land has no borders, Show us the Map!

We've seen how fast even Jews are now being denied entry to what is now referred to

The freegaza dot org I believe is umbrella group for successful & newly started groups of defenders of freedom from occupation.

When my brothers and sisters are in chains we all are.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Domestic Abuse

There comes a point in an abused woman's life when she is more afraid of staying than of leaving.

I left my husband four times and went back together with him even after I had gotten away successfully: and had my children and my own apartment, thank the Creator for PA state welfare in 1974, they made my safety possible. After a few months my husband was evicted figuring he could move in with me "temporarily". He was right but the abuse cycle was established, and the progression of violence that finally ended in my right leg.

Being ruled by fear made me desperate. I blamed myself because I believed my husband was my choice. (I made my bed...) I believed I deserved his displeasure and I began to fear and loath him. I was juggled between paralyzing fear and anger.

Leaving is all well & good if you have time to make plans, I only got to the road of making plans when my abusive husband was murdered. I was shattered with grief, I was overwhelmed with relief.

I'm so sorry about how poorly I coped in relation with my two young daughters, who were five and three when their loving, capable Father was taken away from them. Coming from my lens of being Motherless; I thought my kids were better off, I felt at my core it was better for my children to have a mother, any mother, than be left with only a clueless Father like I was.

I never understood at the time how Susan would be defined by grief for her entire life, she loved her Father & I didn't validate the enormity of her loss. Or my younger child, Wendy, tho Wendy never showed her grief and I assumed she managed it well.

On-going torment of Palestine

There are many aspects to the zionist project, which is a plan backed by perpetual access to money, to steal the geographical area of Palestine and/or enslave Palestinians.

One aspect is in journalism, zionists owned or influenced media never use the ethnicity of Palestinians, they are simply Arab or Muslim (20% of Palestinians are Christian and Muslims are international not concentrated solely in Middle East.

Recently read an article called "Looting of Palestine" which explained how zionists use the occupation to continue their historical narrative at the expense of the Palestinian and other inhabitants of the area over the centuries.

I can see why the 'Chosen' think the game is over, they do seem to have thought of everything: every advantage, every strategy. Endless financial backing, fanatic devotees via religous devotion, "their" historical & fictional version well and successfully advertised and published and publicised.

The only thing they made a mistake about was the Palestinians love of their land. And it is their land by every moral marker I know about. Palestinians know about loving the same land for generations going to the dawn of civilization & they know the neighbors, they've lived beside each other for many thousands of years.

The Ashkenazai Jews are a more nomadic/mercantile cultural background - not better or worse, though historically A.J."s gained a reputation for living off the sweat of less clever people, so moving and adapting are a Jewish genetic memory imho.

If the zionist project is permitted to flourish the world will become much more lawless and vicious. I've seen it in my own lifetime, in 1960 The Freedom Flotilla would have been saved by the USA, if not it would in the least have earned more than a sharp tongue from Britain, Europe, maybe not the USS Liberty was '67 and that was censored & not in popular knowledge.