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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paranoid or R my comments censored on ICH?

I've noticed quite a bit of 'your comment is awaiting moderation', and when I check back my post is gone.

This week I want to talk about censorship, self-censorship, the publication of Israel's starvation diet plan (which had no mentions according to a lexisNexis search)except for two Palestinian local newspapers.

Thanksgiving was great, and I have lots of catching up to do.

Information Clearing House was a dream come true when I first found it. First they changed the comments to a less desirable system, then they went all out & you could chat & blog, but there were some financial shenanigans with people Tom Feeley was involved with.

And now, you never know what the censors will block, I suppose it is time to bid farewell to ICH.

Dangerous Creation by David Grayling has become an unreadable blog. All must worship DavidG or deal with his sarcastic wrath. He's off my list too, how much America bashing can a Pittsburgh native take?

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