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Sunday, March 6, 2011

WikiLeaks ~ Who Benefits?

Wikileaks has made their largest information dump to date and the reactions from the mainstream media are troubling. From what I've seen of the diplomatic cables, their release is decidedly underwhelming.

Some government officials have called for the arrest of Julian Assange on charges of treason. Is that not ridiculous? Could an Australian releasing USA secrets even qualify for treason? Wouldn't the secrets have to have been Australian?

Some few US officials have called for imprisoning Assange to Guantanemo or even killing him. The folks ruling my country seem to have no Democratic principles.

All in All the media are reporting that the leaks are good for Israel, especially Israeli media.
Israel has been pushing for an illegal war of aggression against Iran since the GWBush administration. I'd like to be able to write with assurance that our Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama would never initiate a preemptive war on another batch of phony Israeli intelligence.

My conclusion is that Julian Assange is a whistleblower who believes in transparency in government. I think his philosophy could be "Let the chips fall where they may".

I'm l00% in favor of transparency. The USA government wants to know everything about me and I believe in reciprocity.

The way this info dump is handled by the USA government may show how far down the road to a police state we have ventured.

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